Not quite ready for primetime

Prepare for the truly surreal: a half-hour Oscar television special starring yours truly. Well, not really. I just appear at the beginning and end, rambling nonsensically about God knows what (something about Michael Moore, Castro, and “Juno,” I think).

But on the positive side, I had my very first experience getting airbrushed, and I got to successfully present my first Oscar — even if it was a $20 Internet knock-off that really looked more like a little league soccer trophy than an 8-pound hunk of gold.

Flash video:

The show aired tonight — Friday, February 22, at 7:30 p.m. — on RNN (channel six), the Regional News Network. I’ve been appearing on their evening news program, Newscenter Now (a joint venture with the paper I work for), over the course of the past year, to talk about the same kind of celebrity gossip I write about for my work blog, Suburbarazzi. But this was the first time where the blog was used to help anchor a whole half-hour show. Pretty cool, right? Or incredibly dorky, I suppose. Either way, it was a blast.

For more on the show, check out my Suburbarazzi post about it.

Alright, now you can commence teasing.