I am your brother, your best friend forever

I finally broke down and pulled the trigger on the iPhone a couple weeks ago. Totally 100 percent worth it. It’s become the perfect way for me to kill time in lines, shopping with Ana, or waiting for whatnot. The only thing I wish it had more of — or maybe I should say, I wish I wasn’t so cheap about — is video. Put simply, I love watching music videos and TV shows on the gizmo, but I’m hardly the type to shell out for a $20 iTunes movie.

That’s why i was so thrilled today to find that iTunes is offering a free download of the Renaldo Lapuz tryout for American Idol — quite possibly the best two minutes of television I’ve seen in a decade. I think I already know the entire song by heart: “I am your brother / your best friend forever / singing the songs / the music that you love. … I AM YOUR BROTHER …”

For all you iPhoners out there looking for a little free video to cheer you up, check it out.