Monkeys, at last 


I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to the “all inclusive” racket — the Sandals, Beaches, and Club Med resorts that promise you everything from lodging to food to activities for one package deal. But all that changed this week. I’ve seen the light.

All of the credit goes to Ana, who planned our trip to the Yucatan Peninsula all on her own. She scored a deal at a Club Med just south of Cancun for five nights, including airfare, at $1,000 per person. And that’s literally all we paid. (Well, excluding the taxi to and from the airport and the above $10 photo, which was snapped by some guy on the beach. While I can never condone the leashing of spider monkeys, that pic was just too good for me to pass up.)

To say we had a good time would be a gross understatement. Next to our honeymoon, it was probably the second best vacation we’ve ever taken. Factor in that neither of us got horribly sunburned and, well, maybe it even tops our post-nuptial trip to Belize.

The water was gorgeous, the food excellent and plentiful, the rooms recently renovated, and — most surprising to me — there was so much to do I didn’t get antsy for a minute. Don’t get me wrong, I was still in what Ana likes to call “activity boy mode,” but with windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, and umpteen exercise classes to keep me busy, I wasn’t lobbying to leave the Club Med compound to explore Mayan ruins (like I thought I’d be).

Sure, it would be fun to sightsee on a repeat visit, but for the five nights we were there, we were totally happy to stick to the resort routine: fill up a half dozen plates at every meal with every available dish, sip our shots of capuccino and mango daquari on the beach, listen to my ipod, catch up on old magazines and books, and watch the American Network (best TV show promos ever!) and Season 1 of “The Wire” at nights.

OK, enough gushing. Here are some pics from the trip: