One thing I’m thankful for: KT Tunstall 

Ana, Gabe, and I swung by Roseland in NYC last Wednesday, the night before turkey day, to see the Scottish sweetheart in concert. Though I own both of her CDs and know most of the songs by heart, I’d only seen her perform once before, on the Today show. On that occasion, she’d done everything herself, laying down a dizzying number of guitar, beatbox, and woo-hoo samples to construct the background for “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.” It was a virtuoso performance (I think you can still see it iTunes), but I was wondering if now, after all her success (i.e. “Suddenly I See” going from cool to ubiquitous to annoyingly overplayed — all in the span of about two months) she’d decided to finally hire a backup band. Amazingly, she hasn’t! Or at least, if she has, only the bongo drum player managed to make the trip across the Atlantic.

There were also a couple background vocalists, but they really weren’t all that necessary. For half the songs, KT lay down her own voice for background vocals herself anyway. Watching her work her sampler magic was every bit as enthralling as the today show bit — only she sustained it for a good 90 minutes, all the while cracking jokes and cussing it up.

If you every have a chance to see KT live, do it! Thank me later.

In case I did a bad job of summarizing her one-man-band style, here’s a video of it in action: