Say Hey, Suburb-arazzi

At last, I can now blog at work. I mean, I can blog and not feel dread and guilt and a whole host of other anxious sensations as I post.

As part of my diabolical plan to give the the magazines I work on a half-decent website, I’v also been helping to coordiante four new blogs (all of which will feed into them). The first of these, and also the only one that I expect to contribute to, is Suburb-arazzi (link: It’s actually my colleague Robert Zeliger’s baby (I’m just a subordinate blogger), but the conceit is, dare I say, brilliant. Thing Gawker for the Suburbs.

If that doesn’t knock your socks off — well, then you’re clearly not wearing any. Or else you’re one of those faggy octogenarians who wear garters.

Anyway, the blog will be all about the celebrities that populate the Lower Hudson Valley (i.e. Westchester, Rockland, Putnam counties). Some of the naysayers at The Journal News have raised an eyebrow or two over the idea — “Are there really any celebrities to write about?” To which I can only say, come on, puh-lease? We got Bedford’s DMX getting arrested every other week, Stephen Baldwin going absolutely looney with his new skateboarding+Jesus “Breakthrough Ministry,” not to mention Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, and literally dozens of film and TV stars. We’ve got the deck totally stacked.

I’m gonna make a bold promise (and one I would never pledge here): Three posts a day before noon.

For at least two or three days.