Jonsing for Jack-O-Lanterns

Last Sunday, we headed up to the Westchester town of Croton with the Doug Mann clan for the second annual Great Jack-O-Lantern Blaze. There were more than 4,000 hand carved pumpkins, with themes ranging from underwater creatures to a giant spider web to one group that appeared to depict Queen-Anne style chairbacks. Pretty wild stuff. And the detail in the jack-o-lanterns — intricate portraits, 20-pumpkin full-body skelatons (one for the skull, two for the hands, and so on) — was staggering. So staggering that I was able to forgive the fact that thousands of them, especially the ones that were roped off and impossible to get a close look at in the pitch-black evening, weren’t actually real pumpkins (I think they were styrofoam).

At any rate, the kids all had a great time. Especially baby Philip (in this pic with us), who appears to have a ball fetish these day. And what’s better than bouncey balls and soccer balls? Try 4,000 round objects with fire inside.

See a slideshow from our visit by clicking here.