How Lo(Hud) Can You Go?

My employer, the powerhouse that is The Journal News, is currently in rebranding mode. Starting last October, the newpaper started calling its web portal, an abbreviation of Lower Hudson Online.

It’s taken me a little while to get hip to their new web strategy, but as you all know, I pride myself on falling in line with the man sooner or later, so I’ve spent the last month bringing all of the magazines I work on under the LoHud umbrella (with the help of LoHud guru Nicole Jones). A few of you have pointed out (rightly so) that our previous site was awful looking. Even though there were PDFs that you could see, we managed to make even those look awful, filtering them through some wacked service called Print2Web. Worst of all — they weren’t indexed by search engines, which essentially meant they were invisible. What’s the point of having a website if you can’t find it on Google?

Well, no more. Now you can see, search, and print most of our articles in a clean format. I especially like how we’re also able to post photo galleries, which make use of a fantastic slideshow viewer, which you can check out here. (Thanks to superstar LoHud programmer Chris Vannoy for writing that baby from scratch!) Soon we’ll also have a podcast of the magazines, plus blogs and other good stuff. But best of all, the magazines will finally be visible to those benevolent Google-bots.

InTown Westchester:
Rockland Magazine:
Putnam Magazine:
Scarsdale Magazine:

Update: I keep noticing little glitches and mistakes on the sites. If you happen to see any of them, too, please email me. We’re still sort of in beta mode here, so I can use all the extra sets of eyes I can get. Thanks!