The Post Concerning All Things Which Are Totally Kick-Ass

There is something deeply troubling about this blog, which I must now come clean about: I have yet to post about John Hodgman‘s “The Areas of My Expertise,” perhaps the single greatest 500-words-per-sitting bedtime-reading tome ever collected into a hardcover binding. And while I am not particularly proud of not plugging the book — of effectively trying to hoarde all of Mr. Hodgman’s complete world knowledge, including matters historical, matters literary, matters cryptozoological, compilations of all the presidents who had hooks for hands, 700 hobos named and illustrated, the mystical secrets of Yale university, the dark side of the food court at the Mall of America, squirrel and lobsters and eels … especially the eels — but at this point, I can still atone. Which is to say, if you simply click on the icon at the center of the image below, follow the instructions outlined in the video, and kindly post comments to TurkeyMonkey the blog in thanks, all will be forgiven.