Why I Want Weeds, Season 2, on iTunes

I don’t know if purchasing your first full TV show season on iTunes qualifies as a technological rite of passage, but if it does, I’m guessing it falls somewhere between the intellectual self-indulgance of downloading the New Yorker podcast at Audible and the willful absurdity of creating your own Wikipedia entry.

At any rate, I think I’m going to finally make the plunge by buying Weeds Season 2. Ever since ravenously watching Weed Season 1 on DVD — and proclaiming it the best sitcom I’ve seen since, well, ever — I’ve been eagerly looking forward to the encore. It premieres this coming Monday, August 14. However, I’ve gamed out the costs, and ever though iTunes’ $20 cost for the season seems steep, it’s still cheaper than subscribing to Showtime for 3+ months. I suppose I could wait for the show to graduate to Netflix (probably sometime in mid-2007), but that’s just going to take far too long.

There’s no link to Season 2 on iTunes yet, but you can link to Season 1 here.