More Shameless Self-Aggrandizement

I keep meaning to carve some time out to blog in earnest, but work has been wearing me down lately. If I have the energy for an episode of “America’s Got Talent,” I consider myself lucky. So, forgive me, I’m going to just post some more links to some of my recent, favorite magazine features (all of which I’ve added, along with plenty of others, on my MediaBistro portfolio).

1. “Extreme Makeover: Purdys Edition,” from InTown Northern Westchester’s August issue – A story in which I went undercover when Extreme Makeover arrived in Westchester to do a home in Purdys. I tried to uncover what really goes on in those 30-second time lapse shots, when the homes appear to spring up suddenly. Hint: It ain’t Ty Pennington doing the work.

2. “Where Have All the Caddies Gone,” from InTown Sound Shore’s June issue – An exploration of caddie culture in Westchester, and whether they’ll one day lose the battle to golf carts. (Best part of this story: getting to interview and write about the original, quintessential caddie, Michael O’Keefe — aka Noonan from Caddyshack).

3. “The 7 Most Interesting People in Scarsdale: Carl and Clarence Aguirre,” from Scarsdale Magazine’s May issue – This one was short, but one of my favorite stories to write. It’s about the formerly conjoined Aguirre twins, who turned four on my birthday. It was a nightmare to get that photo of the kids, as they were attacking each other like rabid dogs the entire time, but it was utterly fascinating to meet them and talk with there mom, Arlene, a single mom from Manila raising the kids in a donated Scarsdale home all on her own.