And Lo, the Lord Smote Scarsdale

The weather in Westchester has been bizarre and unnerving this last week. After an extremely rare tornado ripped through the county last week, yesterday night gave us golfball-sized hail, an intense 15-minute strobe-light lightening storm, and a forest’s worth of downed trees in Hartsdale, Scarsdale, and White Plains.

I’ve seen trees struck by lightening before, but never ten on one street, taken out one after another as is systematically being smashed to bits by a very angry Zeus. On my brother’s street, in White Plains, a giant oak tore a tree in half, which in turn took out the electrical wires. That was just one of dozens of roadblocks on my way to work this morning.

I was so worked up after my usual 15 minute commute to The Journal News turned into a two-hour ordeal that I called the newspaper’s tip line to share/vent/bitch about all the stuff I’d seen on the roads. Much to my surprise, one of my comments actually ended up here, leading off an impromptu blog that TJN set up to cover the storm.

The pictures of the storm (and last week’s tornado) are pretty amazing, though I suppose that’s just because I live here (people in the midwest are probably thinking, pshaw, what’s the big deal, turkey!). At any rate, here are some of the more striking visuals: