Time to Build a Soda Geyser!

I couldn’t stand not trying the Mentos-Diet Coke reaction myself. And although my apartment and the are immediatly surrounding our building are not all that well suited to creating a soda geyser, the Middle School lawn across from my brother’s house in White Plains certainly is.

So, this morning I headed over with a 2-liter bottle of Diet Pepsi (no Diet Coke on hand) and a package of Mentos. After unwrapping the mentos and putting them in a paper tube (for quick and easy realease into the bottle), and positioning the 2-year-olds (Winifred, Francesca, and Owen), I dropped all 13 of the Mentos inside. Whooooosh!

Much to the befuddlement of the kids, soda shut up about six feet out of the botte. We didn’t get the full eight feet that some people had reported (maybe Diet Coke is necessary to get that kind of height), but it was still awfully impressive. Sorry I didn’t record video of it or take any pics (though this one, on the right, was pretty similar to what we saw).

Believe me, it totally works! And given the 5-foot radius of soda spillage, all you need is an unoccupied public sidewalk to let ‘er rip.