Blog-o-rama, a.k.a. Gwynne’s blog

After launching her rockin’ photoblog,, a few months back, Gwynne has gone and done it again. Her newly christened, slightly more text-y blog,, will chronicle her adventures in Rockport, ME, this summer at a program called the Maine Photographic Workshop.

Ana and I are so happy for G-money. It sounds like she’s incredibly psyched about photography camp and between her new red car, her new red car, and her successful removal of red-eye from every picture of Stephen Baldwin (long story), things are clearly looking up. For further evidence, just witness the latest cheery pic on her photoblog. Alright, it’s not exactly a smiling baby, but I’m taking the disappearance of the “Virgin Mary in trash heap” motif to be a good sign. A very good sign, indeed.