Damn you, Da Vinci Code Quest (on Google)

Jeez! After three-plus weeks of cracking Da Vinci Code Quest on Google puzzles, they go and pull the plug. I totally didn’t see this coming. I was down to the last round, fiddling with the hardest Soduku-type puzzle, when Ana started complaining and insisting that I come to bed. “Oh well,” I thought, “I’ll just finish it tomorrow.” Little did I know there wouldn’t be a tomorrow — at least, in the world of Quests on Google.

To up the frustration, Doug DID finish. What’s more, he got an email saying congrats and that his cryptex decoder is in the mail. That’s right, his own bonafide cryptex! Mother-effin-cryptex. Man oh man do I feel gypped. And I mean that in the gypsie-swindling etymology of the word.

While I try to live vicariously through Doug’s success — and perhaps aid in his conquering of the next Quest round — I can also console myself in the new Google Talk. Free phone calls over the internet? Sweet!

(OK, I know there were already plenty of companies like Skype doing the free phone call thingy. But honestly, don’t they all sound kinda sketchy. While Google may well be vying against the NSA, Cheney, DARPA’s TIA program, and La Cosa Nostra for the title of Big Brother 2006, they’re still the most trustworthy of the bunch, wouldn’t you agree?)