GMA Weekend Blog

It’s time I finally fessed up: I’m a closet Good Morning America addict. I know that’s a little like saying I’m jonsing for aspartame, but — well, usually I am jonsing for aspartame. Still, I can’t prosthletize for the show quite like I do for The Daily Show or The Colbert Report (the only other two TV programs filling my portion of the DVR queue). But I’ll make an exception just this once to point to the new GMA Weekend blog, Backpages.

It’s still a little unfocused, with all four of the on-air personalities writing dissertation-length posts, but there’s potential. By which I mean, Bill Weir. He gives the weekend edition of the show one distinct advantage over the weekday crew — humor. Charlie Gibson may have an authoritatively crinkled brow, Mike Barz may pull off the retarded weatherman even better than Steve Carrell, and Dianne Sawyer is the wet dream of all j-school men, but Weir is probably the only one with the snarky, sarcastic voice to become a good blogger. Backpages still has a ways to go before it’s truly enjoyable, but it’s cool to know that Grey’s Anatomy isn’t the only show giving its viewers a peak behind-the-scenes.