TurkeyMonkey Endorsement: Proof

ProofEver since going to see a production of Proof in the Village last week, I’ve been meaning to plug it. The play — the first production in NYC since it finished on Broadway, I think — starred Dan’s girlfriend Kate Middleton who was riveting. I haven’t seen the movie or other theatrical versions, but I feel confident saying that she’d give Gwyneth Paltrow or Anne Heche or Mary Loise Parker a run for their money. Alright, maybe not Mary Loise Parker — she’s awful purdy — but definately the other two.

The theater they’re performing in, Manhattan Theatre Source on MacDougal Street, is worth the $15 price of admission alone. It’s adorable, with a coffee shopish first floor and a second floor library stocked with bound plays. While the actual performance space is tiny (about 40 people, I’m guessing) and drafty, once the action heats up, it’s cozy and intimate. The play is only going through this Saturday, and I’m not sure if there are any more tickets. But if there are, go see it!

And all you kids out there, stay in school!