My So-Called Friend Leonard

With all the brewhaha over James Frey’s “A Million Little Pieces” memoir, spurred on by The Smoking Gun’s exhaustive refutation of each and every little detail of the book, I keep asking the same question: What about “My Friend Leonard”? LeonardI’ve been reading the follow-up book, off and on, for the last couple weeks, and judging by the NY Times bestseller list, a lot of others have been, too. Despite all the griping I’ve heard over Frey’s rap sheet fabrications or pretending to be part of a train crash (including, most surprisingly, refunds from the publisher, Random House), I haven’t heard one thing about Leonard–both the book and the titular characater it revolves around, a high-ranking member of the mob that Frey becomes extremely close it. The mafia-related stories, if they’re untrue, top any of the supposed obfusications that make up Freygate. What’s more, if they are true, wouldn’t they put Frey in imminent danger? Mobsters don’t care to be written about in any form, even fiction.

Is Frey’s statement at the start of “Leonard”–“some sequences and details have been changed”–really enough to get him off the hook with both the reading public and the mob? If so, if it really is that big a get-out-of-jail free card, then–well, I think I’ll start using a whole lot more of those disclaimer thingeys.

Note: Some sequences and details above were critical of James Frey. They in no way reflect the opinion of TurkeyMonkey or its author, Ted Mann.