Hey Blog, Where You Been All These Months? 

Neglecting your blog is like forgetting to write you thank-you cards after Christmas. You really want to be a responsible, thankful, attentive nephew, but if stuff comes up, eh, it can probably wait. And if you get a new job, move to a new city, buy a maddening money pit of a co-op apartment, and need to spend months scrambling to meet your hellacious deadlines and repair water damage — well, thank you’s and blog posts are permanently in the back seat. Maybe even the trunk, come to think of it.

Which isn’t to say I’ve given up on my blogging instincts. No, sir-e. Just like those holiday cards, I’ve been meaning to post for months now, but with each passing day, the self-imposed pressure to make a really, really kick-ass, lightening-bolt-to-the-head, wham-bam-thank-you-mam post has been building. And, of course, I’m far too distracted by my now clinically depressed cats and still-under-construction apartment to focus long enough to meet my own unrealistic posting expectations.

So it is that, somewhat unceremoniously, I’m returnign to WordPress with this little note. In all likelihood, all you TurkeyMonkey devotees out there have long since stopped reading this. But for the record, I’m back. Sort of. Posting sporadically, but hopefully more than once every five months.

OK, time to go give it up to Plugs …