Potty Training for Kitties

The apartment that Ana and I are trying to buy in Hartsdale, New York, is beautiful, perfectly situated, and close to our jobs and family. But there is one drawback, and it’s a biggy: No place to put litter boxes.

In our Philly apartment we had an unused back hallway that was the perfect place to stash kitty litter. It was almost too well suited — we ended up having upwards of three bins going at a time, just to cut down on our litter-scooping duties.

Thankfully, my brother-in-law Dan is on the case. He just sent me a link to a blog called OhGizmo! (good name), which was plugging a new product called CitiKitty — a training seat that fits snugly on your toilet. You fill it with litter, give Mr. Jinx some stern instructions, and watch the magic.

Here’s how CitiKitty’s website describes the product:

Your cat naturally uses the CitiKitty training seat as its new litter box. Once your cat has adapted to the training seat you slowly begin removing the rings from the training seat reducing the amount of litter. As the rings are removed your cat will stand on the toilet seat for support and use the water below. After all rings are removed from the training seat your cat is toilet trained.

At $30 (plus free shipping), how could I pass this up? My kitty toilet seat is already on the way. Thanks, Dan!