One Token Down, Tweleve to Go!

I can’t believe this. Over the weekend the first of the Treasure Trove tokens was found. What’s more, it was in Northeastern Pennsylvania, only about an hour and a half from Philly!

I’ve been monitoring the bulletin boards devoted to the treasure hunt for months now, but there’s just so much damn content to read that I usually only check once a week. But on Friday, after Ana’s graduation from med school, and on Saturday, after my sister and family left town, I read a couple posts which pointed to a rock-solid solution for the dragonfly token (est. value: $25,000). The location was Rickett’s Glen park, up near the Delaware Water Gap. A handful of people had already driven there to search, but the big question mark was where to search. It’s an awfully big park, and nobody could pin down an exact location. Nobody, that is, until Elrohir, who found the token about mid-day Sunday.

What’s really wild about all this is that the guy found out about the location from the same website I’ve been frequenting: It was basically a three-step solution, and he got every step from the compadres at Tweleve. Apparently, though, he was the only one quick enough to piece the whole thing together into a coherent solve. Good for him. Bad for me. Given that this was the only day’s-drive token for me, it looks like I’ll be monitoring the eSavers from here on out.

The token:
Dragonfly Token

The hiding spot (it was in the upper knothole):
Dragonfly Tree

The solution was derived by reading the veins on a series of leaves on page 44, using the number of veins on each side to find letters on a 5×5 alpha grid:

The letters spell out the location: RICKETTSGLENFALLSTRAILSIGN