The Infinite Cat Project

My brother-in-law is at it again! He just sent me a link to “The Infinite Cat Project,” perhaps the wackiest kitty website he’s found to date. The project’s genesis goes back to when the website founder saw a cat picture posted to an Apple website, and then, shortly thereafter, he came upon another picture of a cat looking at a computer monitor displaying the first cat’s picture. is building on this idea, with around 1,000 pictures of cats looking into computers screens picturing cats looking into more screens of cats looking at more screens. Or, as the site’s creator puts it:

The concept [of] The Infinite Cat Project is, simply, cats regarding cats regarding cats in an electronic milieu.

I’ll be happy to post a picture of YOUR cat as long as it’s shown looking at a monitor which bears the image of the latest picture in the ICP sequence.

Cat MasseuseAs if this weren’t weird enough, the site also has a repository of tribute films, created in memoriam for cats who have moved on to the big litter box in the sky (including one of a cat named TM, which is kind of spooky given what’s emblazoned on the TurkeyMonkey mascot’s chest).

There’s also a grabbag of random clips, including a troubling one of a cat massaging its owner’s neck and another clip of a cat literally flying off the top of a telephone poll. The only thing more bizarre than the premise of is that my brother-in-law keeps finding these crazy sites.