Cursed Spammers

Why is it that I can’t manage to post a comment to my own blog, and yet the Goddamn spammers still manage to get through? Explain that to me, please!

Name: online cigarettes
Email Address:


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No matter what I do — installing “blacklist” filtering software, adding URLs and IPs and keywords to it daily, and manually deleting the ones that slip through the cracks — these friggin spambots still find ways to attack the site. So, I’m throwing in the towel.

Not on blogging, but on this Movable Type software. Great as it has been for this inaugural year of blogging, Andy has been urging me to make the switch to WordPress for months now. Now that MT Blacklist has essentially started throttling every possible dictionary word, I’m ready to move on.

Or, as the good folks on Press Your Luck used to say, “No whammies, No whammies, STOP!”