Kitty Website Boom

My brother-in-law, Dan, has been bombarding me lately with emails about cat-related websites. Which is kind of strange because, as far as I know, Dan couldn’t care a whit about kitties. But still, the websites are hilarious and well worth a visit. Ever since the phenomenal success of, which has now been adapted as a book, page-a-day calendar, and feature film, it seems
stuffoncat.jpglike cat photo sites — or catotos, as I’ll now refer to them — have taken over from blogs as the next big internet craze. still bears the “coming soon” headline, though from the smattering of sample photos, it promises to be the perfect mixture of photographic art and borderline animal cruelty.

kittenwar2.jpg is taking a different tack; rather than playing to humans’ inherent distrust of felines, or our desire to humiliate the animals by covering them in condoms and Urkel dolls, Kittenwar pits the kitties against each other in a battle of the cutest. You vote for whichever kitten is cuter and the site gives you an instant poll verdict. The real losers are, of course, the owners who submitted pictures of their cats, only to receive a pitiful 10 percent of the vote. Poor bastards.