When Confused, Respond in Pictures

The Treasure Trove message board, Tweleve.org, has hit a serious brick wall. Despite having almost 5,000 users and over 10,000 articles — all within less than two months! — nobody has posted a real breakthrough since late January. Still, that hasn’t stopped some would-be treasure hunters, myself included, from bombarding the board with their crackpot theories and ADD ramblings. The serious treasure hunters once flamed these people, back when they wanted to keep the conversations on topic, but now it seems they’re at a loss for words — and ideas. In a thread containing a mildly plausible but completely unverified “sub-poem” even the moderators’ responses have devolved into pictorial WTFs, like the one below. Behold what the good folks at Wired have termed “the collective brainpower of thousands”!


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