Despite my affirmations not to blither on about The Gates, like so many avant-garde dog lovers, I realize that, in Tuesday’s dissertation-length post about the cross-fertilization of treasure hunting and saffron wall-hangings, I’ve done just that. Hopefully it’s not too late to repent.

Somerville Gates.jpgThanks to Michael Meiser’s blog and the trusty ol’ NY Times, I happened upon a couple brilliant alternatives to The Gates. “The Somerville Gates” was created by Hargo, aka Geoff Hargadon, a 50-year-old from Cambridge, MA, whose “last installation was a studio full of discarded ATM receipts.” His work truly is a sight to behold, and the similarities to Central Park’s Gates abound. “Like Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Hargo used recyclable materials for ‘The Somerville Gates.’ Unlike them, he accepts donations to defray the cost of his installation, which was $3.50.”

Equally captivating is “The Crackers,” a cheddar-cheese-and-peanut-butter masterpieceThe Crackers.jpg from the minds of Chris and Jane Cunniffe. A publishing executive and advertising copywriter, Chris and Jane are my artistic soul mates, I think. As they put it on their website, “‘The Crackers’ is as much a public happening as it is a tasty snack, defying the domino theory.” And at $1 less than “The Somerville Gates,” a bargain, too!

“The Somerville Gates” is now off-line, but you can still have a shot at purchasing it at a Boston benefit art auction. “The Crackers,” on the other hand, is entirely for profit. If you’d like a tote bag or onesie, you should totally check out “The Crackers” Cafe Press store.

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