Portuguese Barbie

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this, the single coolest Christmas present I saw this year. Wish I could remember who it was that decided to get the triplets’ the Princess of the Portuguese Empire Barbie doll, but whoever it was, they’re a genius in my book.

While we were passing the doll back and forth on Christmas day, I could clearly tell that the girls’ non-Portuguese grandparents were feeling left out of the joyous merchandising melee, the yuletide commercialization of one’s ethnic heritage. To make them feel better I said something like, “Now we have to get Albanian Barbie and Turkish Barbie to complete the set!”

I was being facetious, of course, but little did I know that there really are Barbie dolls based on just about every country of the world. There’s Icelandic Barbie, Czechoslovakian Barbie, and Princess of the Korean Court Barbie. But amazingly, just about the only Barbies they don’t have are ones to match Mr. and Mrs. Shoro’s native countries! The closest I could find was Grecian Goddess Barbie — and to be perfectly honest, she ain’t quite hot enough to live up to the Barbie name.

Anyway, now that I’m family, I figure it’s safe to just exploit my own heritage. That’s why I’ve already pre-purchased the Scottish Barbie 2nd Edition (left) for next Christmas. What 10 year old wouldn’t want to cuddle up next to this lassie?

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