A Suspicious Spike

Andy just updated the usage statistics for TurkeyMonkey this month and, counterintuitive as it may seem, traffic to the site actually went up in January. And not by just a few extra page views; the number of visitors to the site more than doubled, from 3,481 in December to 8,398 in January. What gives, people? I mean, there are only three entries this month! Never mind the fact that I had absolutely nothing interesting to say.

I guess this just goes to show, hard work and regular posting doesn’t pay off. Laziness, on the other hand, works like a charm. As does failing to blacklist the spambots, as well as using my web address on “A Treasure’s Trove” bulletin boards.

The proof is in the usage stats pudding. The url extension with the most number of hits is “/cgi-bin/M_T/mt-comments.cgi” — or, to us in the blog world, the comment screen. In other words, spambots. The top three “Referrers” are twelve.org, Quest4Treasure.co.uk, and tweleve.org. That is, my new friends in the search for bejeweled insects. They probably also account for the number one search term: “save our trees art.” In case you’re not up to speed on “A Treasure’s Trove,” that’s what you get when you anagram the title with the number sequence on the frontispiece page.

So, blog readers, what does this all mean? If I cut back to one post in the month of February, will I suddenly break the 10,000-visitor barrier? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

But it’s never to early to start padding next month’s numbers, right? So, msnbots and googlebots, I give you the following: UGFXJ YPCK = EARTH WHRC.

Trust me, it’s ratings gold. Enjoy.