Return of the Freelancer

Given the dearth of new posts to TurkeyMonkey, and my continued obsession with “A Treasure’s Trove,” you might think that I’ve completely abandoned freelancing. Or at least that Ive demoted it in my list of hobbies. And, to tell the truth, you’d be almost entirely right.

Still, to all those people who have been nagging me to stop treasure hunting and get back to my writing (and yes, Mrs. Mendes Mann, I mean you), let me point you to the latest issue of Penn Arts & Sciences — exhibit A of my defense of being labeled Slacker in the First Degree.

I have a short profile of Elijah Anderson, the Penn sociology professor best known for his ethnographic studies of life in the inner city, “Code of the Street” and “A Place on the Corner.” Anderson’s latest research project has to be one of the cushiest sociology gigs I’ve ever heard of. He’s been studying how different races interact in urban sanctuaries, which he’s grouped under the term “cosmopolitan canopy.” Specifically, what this means is spending days on end hanging out at Reading Terminal Market, and eating three squares a day at Down Home Diner.

Talk about taking it easy! Alright, so the article might not be on the level of a Seymour Hirsh expose … and don’t ask me what that title on the website has to do with my story … and jeez, this is now starting to feel like pitifully shameless self-promotion. But hey, give me a break. Ever since the wedding, I haven’t exactly had the best blog material to work with.

Now, if only I could figure out a way to pitch a freelance story that involved hanging out with strangers and gorging myself on comfort food. Even better, I could just find one of those darn bejeweled insects and write about that. Dont laugh, surely one of the two is bound to happen sooner or later.