Treasure Hunter for Hire

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted in the last two weeks, why I haven’t got anything interesting to share in the blogosphere, there’s a simple reason: I’ve become a round-the-clock treasure hunter. All those books I received for Christmas have been shelved; the job hunting that I’m supposed to be doing has been indefinately postponed; and the wedding albums that I’m supposed to assemble will have to wait. At the Mann household, it’s “Treasure Trove” time, 24-7.

Until Andy sets up a blog for THE BOOK, as we’ve taken to calling it, I’ll spare all of you my thoughts on the subject. I’m assuming that there’s limited interest and you might tire of reading daily posts about how the p.20-21 spiderboard is a vigenere cipher, or how Pook the dog’s flatulence relates to military time, or how the darklings might be similar to Sherlock Holmes’ stickmen cipher. For now, I’ll just leave you with this riddle:

How much weight can a plastic Radio Flyer wagon support?
(The correct answer will make you the proud winner of a red and blue cat sweater — size extra-large)