Endorsement: Audible.com

This is really a 2-part endorsement, for both the iPod and Audible, but nobody really needs to hear me extol the virtues of the former, so I’ll focus on the latter.

I’m one of those technophile wannabes that thought it would be really cool to be an iPod early adapter, but then, when I got one, I realized that I had nothing to upload to it. Sure, I could rip every CD in my collection and download a couple songs from iTunes (all of which were free; thank you, Pepsi!). But the truth is, I’m sick of all the music I already have, and I don’t have the foggiest idea what songs are worth downloading these days (save John Legend, of course). So, until people start posting about their favorite new artists at Plugs, or I take the time to read Rolling Stone, I’ll remain an ignoramus about current music.

Enter Audible.com. For a subscription fee of $14/month, I get one radio program and one audio book every 30 days. “This American Life” has been my radio show of choice (except one month, when I experimented with the abominable “Your Mac Life”), and I’ve downloaded audio books by David Sedaris, Stephen King, George Crile, Elaine Pagels, Sarah Vowell, and — my personal favorite — Atul Gawande. Not only has Audible helped to fill up the gigabyte void on the iPod, but it’s also helped me to catch up on my long-neglected reading list. And it’s enabled me to stay current with TAL, a show which I love but can never seem to find on NPR.

Maybe I should be ashamed that Audible has hastened the aging process, that it has essentially turned me into my mother, listening to audio books all the time. And when you put it that way — well, let’s not put it that way, ok?

If any of you are interested in joining Audible, give me a holler so I can send an invite for a free trial.