Back From Santaland

Sorry that I’ve been MIA since December 24. What can I say? Holidays are a bitch. My family was trading various upper respiratory infections like baseball cards, and I was in lovely Dorset, VT, without internet access for over a week. Compound that with no phone (until we got fed up and reactivated my mom’s service), cell phone access, or TV, and you’ve got the makings of Survivor 12. Never before have I felt so disconnected from the outside world.

But I’m back now, and hope to get back in the routine of posting. To start off, I’ll explain on Plugs why, given that I’ve been back since Sunday night, I’m only getting onto the blog just now. Three words: A Treasures Trove. Mix that up and what do you get? Save Our Trees Art.

As Cuba Gooding says in Jerry McGuire, “It’s not a very good reason, it’s not sexy … but it’s a reason!”