No Work ‘Til … Xmas!

It’s time, once again, to reacclimate to the soulless monotony that is my nine-to-five, five-day-a-week slow death. That is, I’m back at the good ol’ U of Pa. Press. After five days of subsisting almost entirely on dead bird carcass, Oregon’s finest booze, marzipan and pie, my body has entered into its usual state of withdrawal, and I’ve spent most of Monday with a migraine–one of those screaming ones, like what you get when you sit babies Frances and Winifred on Santa’s lap at the mall. The idea of getting work done today seems laughably absurd, but I’ve been trying my hardest–and quickly going cross-eyed in the process. Before my vision completely punks out, though, I wanted to share this one very important video with all of you. If seeing chimpanzees doing karate doesn’t cheer your up and help bring you out of your post-holiday funk, then sir, I give up. You may as well just take December off.