Wedding Photos, Part I

broad street-close up

It’s taken much trial and error, and about 30 bum photo CDs from Target, but I finally figured out a way to digitize the wedding photos and I’m posting about 35 of them here. I’ll try to post more when I have a chance, but it’s awfully time consuming to scan everything manually. If anyone out there has advice on how to do photo-negative scanning for cheap, please throw me a bone.

And let me just take this post to once again give props to my badass wedding photags, Eric and Kass Mencher–who, as of October 22, officially bumped Abe Lincoln and John Stewart off my Ten-Greatest-Americans list.

After seeing this sneak preview (pics after the jump), I know that most of you will be champing at the bit to see the rest of our 1,200+ photos. Or maybe you’re just waiting for me to post photos of Jason Ko puking into LOVE park’s fountain, or maybe Dan Wheeless streaking through Liberty Place. All I have to say is, stay tuned …

club quarters

ana and maria julia

baby with leaves

entering trolley

peeking out

triplets and twins


flower girls walking down aisle

crouching in aisle

ana and vasco at entrance

ana and vasco in aisle

ana vasco ted

ana and ted at alter

amelia in aisle


vicki ana ted at door

bridesmaids on stairs




locust walk

broad street b&w

broad street-close up

out of control veil

broad street

ana close up

ana and ted exiting trolley

ana and skeptical ted

private moment

walking by LOVE

res dogs


walking with dress


greeting people at RCoP