A Personal Ad in 25 Sweaters

A friend at work sent me a link to The Sweater Project, one of the most bizarre showcases of mothballed clothing I’ve ever seen. Like My Cat Hates You, the value of the site isn’t so much in the pictures as it is in the brilliant captions that accompany them. One of my favorite sweater assessments: “What it really says: yarn basket clusterfuck.”

(Incidentally, since when did our country become so damn proficient at writing one-liners? Are Steven Wright’s cultural roots starting to finally bear fruit, or is this all the handiwork of The Onion?)

It took a walk through the entire weirdly narcissistic site before I realized what was really going on. When you combine self-effacing fashion commentary, self-parodying Bill Cosby sweaters, and a self-absorbed dude posing as if for People magazine’s paparazzi, what do you get? A male-seeking-male personal ad in the Advocate. At least, that’s my theory.

So, enjoy the ironic sweater come-ons while you can, Kevin. Eleven states and the Supreme Court have got your number, buddy. Clock’s a tickin’.