Hair Watch – Statistical Dead Heat

Back in July, I posted the results of a poll from Wahl Clipper Corp., which showed that Americans preferred George Bush’s hair to John Kerry’s. Aside from being an utterly retarded consensus, what was truly shocking about the poll was the margin of victory for Bush — 51% to 30%.

Thankfully, the good ol’ Wahl Clipper Corp. didn’t stop with the May poll–didn’t call the election for Bush right then and there–and has subsequently done two more surveys. In September, after the Republican convention, Bush’s lead had dwindled to ten points — 47% to 37%. And now, as reported in an Oct. 25 press release, the candidates are neck and neck. Though Kerry is still trailing 40% to 41%, it’s clear that he’s got the momentum in the hairstakes.

Alright, now a word from our sponsor:
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