Keeping up with the Jobses

I’ve only had my iPod for about six months, and already the thing is woefully out of date. One look at the new color iPod Photo, which syncs with your photo library as well as your iTunes music, and it’s obvious: I must, must, must get this thing. What better way to transport the 1,200 wedding photos I have, and carry them to New York and Boston to display interminably long slide shows for friends and family?

The weirdest thing about the whole iPod craze (and I’m certainly not alone in getting sucked back into the early-adapter mindset) is that they launch a new version of the gizmo every couple months. Since Ana bought me my 15GB model in February, there have been not one, not two, not three, but four models. First the iPod mini, then the redesigned standard model, now the iPod Photo, and, also announced this week, the special edition U2 model (black with a red wheel). Presumably all this is the result of competition in the MP3-player market, and Apple’s obnoxious obsession with innovating, but JEEZ-U, I can’t keep up. Do they call it “bleeding edge” technology simply because buying it’ll bleed you dry?