Some Early Returns

OK, just one more post before we fly off to Belize.

My family and friends have already sent me so many wonderful pictures and videos that I can’t help posting a few. When we get back, we’ll figure out a way to distribute all the other photos that come our way — especially the ones from our very own war photographers, Eric and Kass Mencher.

-My sister, Stacey, sent the video that she and her husband, Dan, created for the rehearsal dinner. You can see the Windows Media file here.

Whoops! Sorry. The file turned out to be too big to upload to the blog. If anyone is overly disappointed, I’d be happy to email you childhood photos of Ana and myself.

-Stacey also sent me a Quicktime movie of Ana’s and my first dance, which you can see here.

-Here are some of my favorite photographs so far, courtesy of my dad, Stacey, and my friend Michael Garrett: