Bowlers Paradise

Last Friday, while wandering down Chestnut Street on Korey’s final night in Philly, I was struck with my latest million-dollar idea: This city needs a bowling alley! As far as I know, the only half-decent lanes are in Cherry Hill, NJ. What major American city doesn’t have a centrally located bowling alley? It’s a brilliant idea, I tell you. Brilliant!

So brilliant that, apparently, three other groups are already cashing in on it. After a couple days of picturing myself as an Ed-like alley manager, I got a surprise email from Katie Diller today, telling me that a West Philly storefront next to the Video Library has been rezoned forwhat else?a bowling alley. A search of the Inquirer website revealed that two more alley-lounges are coming soon, one on the 1300 block of Chestnut, and one in Northern Liberties.

So much for my brilliant business plan. Back to the homemade donut scheme.