My TurkeyMonkey

Every once in a while I visit a how-to blog called Learning Movable Type to get pointers on how to spiffy up The woman who runs the site, God bless her, has taught me how to create categories, put a clock in my sidebar, and have a Weather Pixie named Renee Chenault-Fattah deliver the local forecast (if only for a few short months). The latest tip from Elise explains how you can set up My Yahoo to display excerpts from your favorite blogs.

It’s much easier than having to download one of those clunky RSS feed programs, and you’ll never miss out on my steady stream of ramblings, even if you don’t visit this site directly. I know it’s a bit much to ask you to make your browser’s home page, but hey, why wouldn’t you want it to be a part of your Yahoo daily digest?

Here’s how the feed looks in my My Yahoo (it’s the center column):
TurkeyMonkey feed on My Yahoo