Endorsement: TripAdvisor.com

Just about every aspect of planning my weddingour wedding, I mean our weddinghas been marred by Hamlet-like indecision. Portugal or Philly? Catholic communion service or Episcopal animal sacrafice? Reception at the wacky, fetuses-in-jars Mϋtter Museum or the stately gentelman’s hangout, The Racquet Club? But over the course of the last year, we’ve sorted through the various landmines and come to some kind of group-think consensus on each item. Each item, that is, except the honeymoonarguably the most important one.

It was only when we found tripadvisor.com that things came into focus. The website’s basically a vacation research portalbut one of the best I’ve seen, hands down. Some of the key features are: links to published reviews of vacation destinations and hotels(Conde Naste Traveler, Travel and Leisure, etc.), guidebook reviews, and web comments (from the tripadvisor site and other trustworthy boards). They also combine all the reports in a funky Netflix-like matrix to generate rankings (e.g. 5 articles, 2 guidebooks, and 3 web comments = #4 hotel in area).

Ana and I had been juggling a bunch of honeymoon options for the past six months, but Trip Advisor basically sold us on Belize within an hour on the site. We decided to split our time between the jungle and the beach, and ultimately settled on two resorts run by Francis Ford CoppolaBlancaneaux Lodge and Turtle Inn. Between the coral reef (2nd largest in the world, next to Australia’s), the Mayan Ruins, and the hybrid-mascot-name wildlife (howler monkeys, whale sharks, Coppola Cages), it should be every bit as cool as a scene from “Apocalypse Now.” Way more than a honeymoon! Let’s get out there!

Okay, I’ll stop imitating the Royal Caribbean ads here. Do you have the theme music in your head yet? Can you siren call of Iggy Pop, luring you to Central America?