Hair Watch: Day 5

A great weekend for hair on the campaign trail! Let’s get to it …

Hair to the Chief! First up, a probing piece from Time magazine: Which party really has the ‘better hair’? And do coifs matter in elections? A nice little recap of how hair has impacted American electoral politics throughout the ages. Perhaps the most shocking factoid in the article is a recent poll by the Wahl Clipper Corp. showed that Americans actually prefer George Bush’s hair to Kerry’s (51% to 30%).

Stylists for All! According to Newsweek, the Edwards clan, like the Kerrys, is lucky enough to have a hair stylist on call. In describing the day her husband was chosen for the Democratic ticket, Elizabeth Edwards said, “I had a hair appointment, and the hair guy was so nice to come and do my hair at my house, so while I have color on I run upstairs and throw underwear in a bag.”

Dean to Nader: You and your shaggy hair are loose cannons! Over the weekend, there was a testy showdown between Ralph Nader and Howard Dean, probably the two biggest agitators of the Democratic Party. Dean called on Nader to withdraw from the race, arguing that his current presidential bid is disingenuous, and Nader responded by saying, “You were an insurgent who is now adopting the role of being a detergent of the dirty linen of the Democratic Party.” Nader went on to add, “You know, we’re being told by the Democrats to look at hair, John Kerry’s hair and John Edwards’ hair,” Nader said. “Let’s get back to corporate power in America.”

As much as we at Hair Watch appreciate Mr. Naders point (hell, we voted for the guy last time), we cant help but wonder: Why not look at hair and corporate power at the same time? Wheres the fun in picking just one?

And as for the unnamed conservative New Hampshire newspaper, which printed an obnoxious editorial calling male vanity, metrosexual politicians, and conscious hair-care creepy well, Bernadette Malone, Hair Watch doesnt need your opinions or your ass face!