Brides Gone Wild, Revisited

On Tuesday night Ana and I met with our catering coordinator, Sarahor as I like to call her, the poor man’s wedding planner. As I’m just now learning, there are gazillions of tiny details to manage on the big day (cueing the DJ, directing the florist, wrangling the gifts), and no way for the bride and groom to handle any of them. We’re incredibly lucky that our caterer, Jeffrey Miller, provides a kind of de facto planner. (It almost makes up for his being a Wharton grad. Almost.)

So, we were meeting with Sarah and showing her some pictures of recent wedding receptions at the Racquet Club that we’d like to emulate. Almost all of the pictures that I flipped through were from MrsMelDave (who I posted about on June 17). “Are you familiar with her wedding?” I asked. “Her name is Melody something. Maybe Melody Appel? Ring a bell?” Sarah’s grin said it all.

As she explained, Melody Kellenberger, ne Appel, is one of Jeffrey Miller Catering’s most infamous bridezillas. They were so dumbfounded by her relentless planning, there was only one logical thing to do: hire her as a freelance wedding coordinator. After returning from her honeymoon, the girl even started up her own event planning business, with the Byzantine name InnoveEventDesign. Judging by the new company’s website, her work samples are exclusively from her own wedding.

Just when I thought those wacky brides on The Knot couldn’t get any more obsessive, I’m proven wrong.