Stars! We Have Stars!

After much trial and error, I finally got my Netlix history (a little ways down, in the sidebar) to show my recent rental ratings—those happy-making stars beneath each of the movie titles. The ones in bright 3-D yellow are the movies that I’ve returned and rated; the ones in red (or dark yellow) are just the Netflix-user averages (because I was too lazy to rate ’em myself). Why, you might ask, would I kill an evening trying to set this up? Above all, it’s because I don’t want any of you to suffer through “Chasing Liberty,” as I did last night.

Many thanks to Oscar Hills for creating this Netflix rating plugin and, in so doing, indulging in one of my dorkiest requests. Also, a monster obrigado to Andy Diller for walking me through the set-up process, and putting up with a few hours worth of bitching. If there’s such a thing as blog envy, it certainly took hold when Andy’s rating stars appeared and all I got was a broken link.