The Mysterious Case of the Missing Gmail Invites

When I heard that Google was offering email accounts with 20 gigabytes of storage space, I nearly gnawed my fingers off in excitement. For months now, I’ve been sick of my Yahoo! account constantly going over its storage limit–usually when someone emails me more than three or four pictures. So, I was like, sign me up, Google! Only problem: You need to be invited to join Gmail by someone who’s willing to part with one of their three precious invites.
These invites have become a hot commodity, with websites auctioning them off for cash and/or body massages. My tech savvy friend, Andy, was kind enough to send one of his my way. But I never got it. He insisted that he’d sent it to the right Yahoo! address, but it was missing from my Inbox and my bulk file, and the only plausible explanation was that I’d accidentally deleted it. Or did I? As it turns out, there was another culprit. I just read a number of articles about how Yahoo! and Hotmail have been intentionally deleting or rerouting the Gmail invites. Those evil bastards!

Even after Yahoo unexpectedly bumped up their storage space to 2 gigabytes last week (presumably, to stay competitive with Google), I was still fuming. It’s really no better than Microsoft bundling their browser into their OS. Worse even. At least Windows doesn’t block you from installing Lotus Notes. I can’t decide which is more rotten: Yahoo! inexplicably destroying messages or Google searching the text of messages for advertising placement.

Anyway, there’s a happy ending to my email saga. Andy’s wife, Katie, sent one of her invites to my work account, it got through, and I’m now officially hooked up with a snazzy new handle: