Flat Stanley B: Dog Lover and Phillies Phan

After busting our butts to give Flat Stanley a sufficiently impressive adventure, we thought we were finally off the hook. As I wrote in a post on May 20, we took Olivia Mendes’s school project (a little man, fashioned out of construction paper) up to Boston to meet my sister’s new baby, and then we created a little illustrated book, documenting our travels, for her to bring into her third grade class. Little did we know that another Flat Stanley (from Julia) was already en route, presumably having heard what great hosts we are.

Ana’s family was already planning a trip to visit us in Philly over the Memorial-day weekend, so we decided to piggyback the two events, making the Mendes family adventure and Stanley’s adventure one in the same. Briefly, the weekend consisted of: taking Diesel, the Mendes’s hyperactive beagle (who stayed in our apartment for the weekend, along with the triplets, the parents, our two cats, and Ana and me), to the dog park; treating the girls to a showing of Shrek 2 at The Bridge movie theater; a gut-busting brunch at Abbraccio; a Phillies-Braves baseball game at the new Citizens Bank Park, complete with a guided tour from our friend Meg Leary; and another gut-busting meal at an Italian restuarant, Bucca di Beppo.

It was all very tiring, but incredibly fun and gratifying. We’re now set to begin work on the second installment of our emerging Flat Stanley book series (Harry Potter, watch out!)

A quick postscript: Flat Stanley C, from Gabrielle Mendes, just arrived in the mail today. Oy! I haven’t the foggiest idea how we’re going to be able to keep things fresh for this poor guy, but we’ll do our best. Oh, the pressure!

Pictures from the weekend:

–Gabrielle and Flat Stanley B at Brunch

–Julia (left), Olivia (right), and Flat Stanley at the dog park.

–Everyone (except Ana’s brother Rui, the photographer) at Abbraccio for brunch.

–Gabrielle at the new Phillies baseball park.

–Olivia getting into the game with her rally cap.

–Ana and the crew waking up for the seventh inning stretch.