Sex Bracelets v. Pull Tabs

bracelets.bmpOn today’s Good Morning America, there was a piece about sex bracelets, bendable pieces of plastic (aka jelly bracelets) that are apparently used to communicate a sexual code amongst grade schoolers. It works something like this: 13-year-old girl wears red bracelet to class; boy snaps bracelet; girl has to give boy lap dance. I’m thinking, Come on, that would never happen. But then they have on a nine-year-old, and she starts talking about how her girlfriends do indeed French kiss if their red bracelets are snapped. (Note to girl: Officially, red means lap dance.)

Here’s a breakdown of the bracelet code:

Black: sexual intercourse
Blue: blow job (alternate meaning: lap dance)
Green: cunnilingus (alternate meaning: outdoor sex, hug)
Clear: whatever you want (alternate meaning: hug)
Orange: kiss
Yellow: hug (alternate meaning: analingus)
Red: lap dance (alternate meaning: French kiss, oral sex)
Purple: anal sex (alternate meaning: holding hands, doggy style)
Silver: fisting
White: flash your tits (alternate meaning: gay kiss, French kiss)
Pink: flashing
Gold glitter: make out
Brown: toss my salad, i.e., analingus
Glow in the dark: using sex toys, e.g. vibrators, dildos, etc.

According to Snopes, the story is only part true, falling into the “undetermined” category — but not, unequivocally, into the “false” camp.

While the story appears to be largely an urban myth, many have come to believe in the myth, even embracing its twisted rules. Snopes compares the hoopla over sex bracelets to what went on with soda-can pull tabs in the ’70s and ’80s. As I recall, vaguely, from my teen years, if you were ever able to remove a pull tab completely intact, without tearing the connector pin, it was a sign of good luck. It may have even meant that you were going to get lucky, though I don’t think anyone used the equation that pull tab=”sex coupon”=doggy style. charts a different origin of the fad, documenting an overheard conversation between two girls at a Greek Week mixer. Whatever the explanation for this bizarre trend, can someone please explain to me how you remove a pull tab without tearing it.