Rehearsal Dinner? Check

Oh, happy day! Ana and I finally booked a rehearsal dinner spot. We’re going to be holding it at La Terrasse, one of our favorite restaurants on the Penn campus. After heated negotiations with a half-dozen food joints–most of whom weren’t willing to sacrifice “multiple seating on a Friday night in October,” even for a 40-person party–LT’s finally broke down and gave us their main dining space, the green house. All right, they didn’t really break down, nor were the discussions heated. But it has been muggy the past few days.

Finding the right rehearsal dinner spot was easily the hardest wedding planning task so far. I can’t believe what a relief it is to have a place booked, not to mention that it was one of our absolute favorite options. One other added bonus of LT’s: It’s only a couple short blocks from the church. Our weary rehearsers won’t have too far to travel for some good eats.