Meet the site’s mascot: Big Red


I’ve been looking for a logo for, and lacking any inspiration of my own, I’ve decided to hijack the single greatest mascot idea of the modern era: Big Red. As you may know, Big Red is a giant, amorphous red blob who has called Western Kentucky University home since 1979. He’s quite well known in the college backetball arena (merchandising, ESPN commercial, etc.) and now, amazingly, he’s even been given his own satircal news show in Italy. Actually, that’s not completely true — the character on Italian broadcast TV is Gabbido, a dead ringer for Big Red. As it turns out, Gabbibo is huge star in his own right, and Western Kentucky is none too pleased. The university and one of its corporate merchandising partners is suing the no-good Italian company, Mediaset, for $250 million. I’m not totally sure, but I think that looks like a smile on Big Red’s face.